Cuba Goes to IberoAm Summit with Objectives Fulfilled

Cuba Goes to IberoAm Summit with Objectives FulfilledMar del Plata, Dec 3. -Cuba is going to the 20th Ibero American Summit of Heads of State and Government with its objectives fulfilled regarding education for social inclusion.

Cuba erradicated illiteracy in 1961, leaving behind a past in which 25 percent of the Cuban population did not know how to read and write.

Later, it not only reached the creation of a very effective method such as "Yo Si Puedo" (Yes, I Can), which is recognized in the Summit, but it was put at the service of others. More than 4.5 million people have learnt to read and write thanks to this method.

The 20th Summit has recognized the value of this method and points at 2015 as a goal to reach a victory over illiteracy in all the countries of the region.

The Final Declaration is calling for efforts to eliminate inequality for access to primary education, secondary schools and higher education.

Cuba has reached the number of one million university graduates, a sign of the vitality, development and quality of its education system, where it is obligatory to achieve the ninth grade of education.

Data of the Cuban Education Ministry reveal a school retention of 99 percent, and there is attention for thousands of children with special needs and limitations.

With its objectives fulfilled, Cuba has expressed the decision of its government to collaborate with the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean to reach the results for education for social inclusion, now proclaimed in this edition of the Ibero American Summit. (Prensa Latina)