Venezuela Socialists Get Ready for Polls

Venezuela Socialists Get Ready for PollsCaracas, Jun 5. -The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) is tuning its machinery for legislative polls in September through the swearing in of campaign chiefs and the 300 candidates to deputies.

At least 36,600 patrols, each with 50 members, have been established. They have the task to keep in touch with the people to know what their problems are and attract a minimum of 10 voters for the socialist cause.

It is like a large army for a great battle to bring a resounding victory following an admirable campaign, said PSUV top leader and President of the Republic Hugo Chavez during a gathering at a food-making factory this week.

Chavez called on all militants to take part actively in the polls and prevent opposition sectors from snatching needed majority from them, as it has allowed their advance in the adoption of popular measures.

The PSUV leadership is aware that yielding to right-wing parties would amount to allow the entry of a Trojan horse into the National Assembly that would delay discussions and try to reverse measures taken in the last few years. (Prensa Latina)