Pedagogy 2011 initiated in Santa Cruz del Sur

Pedagogy 2011 initiated in Santa Cruz del Sur Santa Cruz Del Sur May 13. – The local event “Pedagogy 2011” initiated this Wednesday in Santa Cruz del Sur, and the opening activity was carried out in the Education’s Headquarters. The academic event will be n sessions in this city during two days where around 150 teachers and other guests from various entities and local institutions are going to participate. 

In the official opening act, the professors Josefa Marques y Rodrigo Gotor offered up flowers to the bust of Jose Martí and the target that pays tribute to those teachers who lost their lives in the 1932 Cyclone.

Students from “José Martí”, “Máximo Gómez”, “Ignacio Agramonte” and “Camilo Cienfuegos” schools interpreted poetry, songs and dances; cultural expressions that ennobled the teacher’s work, where the Cuban popular music was present.

Moreover members from the pedagogy special interests' club demonstrated their skills at teaching, a group directed by the professor Ana Robaina Díaz, an icon and an example to the people in this honourable and indispensable profession.

Various presentations and book sales also were held during the opening act, and a tree was planted. There was a lecture given on the institutional project’s subject and many work commissions were in sessions, where the main problems present in the Education Sector in Santa Cruz and the possible solutions to these problems were analyzed. (Yanayma Rodríguez Molina/Radio Santa Cruz)