[:es]USA Makes Personnel Reduction Permanent at Embassy in Cuba[:]


Washington, Mar 4 .- The US State Department announced that it would maintain permanently the personnel reduction at its embassy in Cuba, despite calls by several groups to allow the return of diplomats and officials to this country.


In a communique published today, the State Department reported that starting on March 5, a new permanent personnel plan would come into force, through which the embassy would continue operating with the minimum number of workers that are necessary to perform the essential consular and diplomatic tasks.

According to the text, the number of people that would remain in the embassy would be similar to the number of people in a situation of emergency, maintained after the order to depart given on September 29, last year, when Washington withdrew more than 50 percent of its officials, with the argument of health incidents reported by them.

‘The embassy will work as a post that does not include family companion for the officials and workers,’ according to the press release.

The announcement was made today, despite recognition in the same document that there were still no definitive evidence about the source or the cause of the health incidents reported by its diplomats, which the federal agency continues calling ‘attacks.’

Accoring to the text, the decision was made, in a great extent, due to the State Secretary Red Tillerson’s concern about the the health, welfare and security of the of the US Government personnel, even when there is an ongoing investigation that does not have conclusive results yet. (Prensa Latina)