[:es]Santa Cruz del Sur people alert to United Nations vote against blockade[:]

[:es]The old and genocide politics of the United States government against Cuba will never change the incorruptible revolutionary ideology of Santa Cruz del Sur people.

In this land the spirit is strong to do tasks for production, education, public health, trainning for defense of the country, popular vigilance in Commitees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and racional use of resources.

President Donald Trump is determined in his thought of increasing blockade against Cuba just because men and women from this Island keep the course decided by themselves, the mambí hymn, and the flag of the lonely star, without foreign owners.

We will follow the way we are though imperialists are annoyed. We will never accept your shameless model. The direction in this archipelago, if you don´t know, is socialism, more prosperous and sustainable.

We have been blockade more than half a century, however, no president in th White House recognizes that the antique policy has never served the purpose to frighten Cubans.

The mean strategy harms Cuban people but, neither Trump nor his henchman may ‘invite’ us to hear their mad speech. Nobody shivers here, even getting a high fever: remember Girón.

This Wednesday, November 1st, will be a glorious victory for the Largest Island of the Antilles become Fidel, Martí, Camilo, Che, Celia, Mariana. This is faultless Cuba, dignified, straight, the one that raises for all the times.

Locals will keep alert during this important day. The results will overwhelm again the despicable acts of governors in the unruly and cruel north. (Translated by Yaima Báez)[:]