Photo exhibition on Cuban medical brigade inaugurated in Italy

Rome, Jul 16 .- The Cuban Embassy in Italy opened an online exhibition by photographer Fabrizio Sansoni on the work of the Cuban health collaborators who helped fight Covid-19 in Turin.


The exhibition of black-and-white photographs, entitled ‘Heroes of Silence’, was organized in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, the Municipality of Turin, the Agency for Cultural and Economic Exchange with Cuba and the CRT Foundation (Cassa di Risparmio di Torino).

Fabrizio Sansoni spoke of the ‘great and stoic’ work of ‘these silent heroes’ who for three months fought the pandemic together with their Italian colleagues in the cities of Crema and Turin, and pointed out that he had the possibility ‘and the incalculable privilege’ to live with them and capture various moments.

‘Great men’, he stressed, ‘able to help with their experience in the field of infectious diseases to a health system in obvious difficulties, moved only by the sense of solidarity and brotherhood that has always distinguished each Cuban.’

The members of the Cuban medical team received dozens of T-shirts signed by Cristiano Ronaldo in gratitude for their work against Covid-19 in one of the areas most affected by the new coronavirus.(Prensa Latina)