[:es]Peru to Pay Tribute to Fidel Castro at Solidarity Event[:]


Lima, Nov 13 .-A tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, to marke the first anniversary of his death, is among the priorities in the program of the 17th National Solidarity Meeting with Cuba, to be held in the Peruvian capital from November 24 to 26.


The event acquires special importance because it coincides with the first anniversary of the death of Fidel Castro, ‘an endearing and great world leader, an example of dignity, solidarity and internationalism, a leader of the struggle against imperialism and neoliberalism,’ says the invitation to the event.

All friends of Cuba, the Peru-Cuba Friendship Houses, the National Youth Coordinator, the Association of Graduates in Cuba and several political and social organizations were invited to the meeting.

The invitation says that the meeting will deal with the commitment to give full support to the reconstruction of the Cuban areas recently affected by hurricanes, in a reciprocal manner with Cuba’s historic solidarity with Peru.

The agenda of the solidarity meeting will also analyze the challenges and priorities of the Cuban Solidarity Movement, its strengthening, growth and support for Cuba.

This action, invitation adds, must respond to the resurgence of the economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States and the media and subversive campaigns against the Cuban revolution and must also demand the return of the Cuban territory occupied by the United States in Guantanamo.

The event will also address the solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and the strategies to face the attacks to the progressive processes in the region, such as those taking place Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, as well as the need to contribute to creating an Anti-imperialist Front in Latin America. (Prensa Latina)