[:es]Cuba lays peace stone in China as a tribute to Fidel[:]

[:es]Beijing, Nov 23.- Cuba laid the eve its stone at the Beijing Peace Garden, as part of the tribute to Fidel Castro on occasion of the first anniversary of his death.

This is a rough stone with a phrase from the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution that defines the struggle for peace as the most sacred right of all human beings, regardless of their religion, country, race or age.

More than 178 states and organizations on the planet have that representation in that place. It was the temporary residence of Empress Dowager Xiao of the Liao Dynasty.

Havana ambassador here, Miguel Angel Ramirez, and Li Ruohong, president of China World Peace Foundation, unveiled that symbol in front of the members of the ruling Communist Party of this country, the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic missions and friends of the island.

Ramirez recalled that the stone identifies the commitment of the revolutionary leader and his people to build a world free of wars and all kinds of threats to the peaceful coexistence of humanity.

‘Fidel bequeathed us his everlasting example, his unwavering optimism and faith in victory … (Peace) is a fundamental condition for the enjoyment of all human rights, particularly the supreme right to life,’ he said.

The Cuban ambassador stressed that the Garden represents the spirit and desire of China to promote development among the different countries and cultures of the world with mutual benefit and cordiality.

The tribute also included the donation to the Cuban embassy of a painting about Fidel made by a Chinese artist, the inclusion of the flag of that country at the Garden Museum, the releasing of white doves, and the collection of signatures and messages in honor of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

A special moment of the ceremony was the reproduction of the song ‘Cabalgando con Fidel’ (Riding with Fidel), composed by artist Raul Torres some few hours after his death on November 25, 2016. (PL)