I will return

I will return
Dr. Félix Báez Sarría spoke with Granma saying “I feel very good from a physical and emotional point of view, my recovery has gone well, I am resting, enjoying the company of my family.

In addition, a few days after returning to Cuba the news arrived of the return to the homeland of Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio.” Félix, who only a few minutes after arriving in Cuba – and after having been hospitalized for several days with the virus -, resolutely stated that he would return to Sierra Leone to finish what he began, saying “I will return in the first days of January.” So soon? I asked, his wife – Vania Ferrer´s – response surprised me: “Of course, I know him and he wouldn’t do any different, and I support him in his decision.”

“That was the promise…that we would return from there safe and sound with the mission completed, because Cuba’s contribution to containing this epidemic is vital. I was always convinced that I would recover from the illness and I told my colleagues not to worry, that I would return,” added Félix.

The doctor also highlighted his stay in the Cantonal Geneva University Hospital and the magnificent care he received there. “I remember that they would wake me and ask me, how do you feel? Don’t worry, I would say, I feel fine. The human warmth of the doctors and nurses who cared for me everyday helped me a lot.”

He also spoke of the innumerable displays of love and support to him and his family – which inundated the Island’s main digital spaces such as Twitter and Facebook – from the entire population and hundreds of people from around the world.

“Dr. Jorge P鬬rez kept updated me on these displays of solidarity,” he stated referring to the director of the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine, who accompanied him in Geneva. Félix added that “these displays of support, these tributes I don’t believe are just mine, but are part of the recognition that all our Cuban collaborators working in Africa and around the world deserve.

Day after day, Cuban health workers offer more than professional care, affection, and love. Holding a sick person’s hand is sometimes more helpful than any medicine.”