Lab Boosts Professional Development among Specialists in Therapy of Hearing and Speech

Lab Boosts Professional Development among Specialists in Therapy of Hearing and SpeechCamagüey, Aug 19. – A new training cycle for young specialists in otolaryngology is going to be held at the Drilling of the Temporal Bone Laboratory, located in the Children's Specialty Policlinic in Camagüey.

Dr. Gaspar Leopoldo Quesada Rodríguez told that ENT specialists, speech therapists, nurses, family doctors, speech and hearing therapists are taking part in this training.

Quesada Rodríguez pointed out that with the opening of this lab – one of its kind in Cuba- medical attention will improve and researches on the temporal bone will increase.

These endeavors will complement a comprehensive testing aimed at detecting ear diseases and the loss of hearing on children from 0 until 5 years of age.

According to Dr. Juan Miguel Iglesias Solís, Second Degree Specialist in Otolaryngology, nearly 2,000 children across the province and another group of children from Ciego de Avila and Las Tunas have received treatment so far.

Besides, the medical protocol comprises a screening of the internal ear known as Otoscopy-examination, and the use of high-tech equipment in a bid to give a more definitive diagnosis.

Among the medical protocols, the testing includes hearing and sound stimulation exams with different instruments, to assess the sound capability of the children.

In the opinion of experts, the hearing loss may be asymptomatic and may cause delays in speech and language development, problems in learning and social relations. (Alex López Almaguer ( / Radio Cadena Agramonte)