Cuban President Raul Castro Sends Message to NAM Summit

Cuban President Raul Castro Sends Message to NAM SummitHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 31.- Cuban President Raul Castro sent a message to the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, underway in Iran. The message, which was conveyed to the summit by Cuban First Vice-president Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, expressed the wish for a successful Iranian leadership of the Movement over the next three years.

“Today we are facing the most serious and complex economic, social, political, environmental and moral crisis ever posed on the human species. Our nations are once again the main victims of this crisis,” the message reads.

Raul Castro referred to the increase of instability, speculation, the foreign debt, poverty, environmental degradation, inequalities and the gap between the North and the South. He said that fair and long-lasting solutions are not found, while decisions are being taken by a handful of states on the back of the international community.

The message also denounces the new interventionist doctrines and the manipulation of concepts related to the responsibility of protection and human security, which along with the “change of regime” policy and new NATO strategies foretell a new division of the world.

In his message, Raul Castro points out that Cuba opposes and will always oppose any action of force going contrary to international law and the UN Charter.

The message conveyed the call by Cuba on the Non-Aligned Movement for Unity and for faithfulness to the movement’s founding principles and to the Declaration of Principles and Objectives, and the role of the Non-Aligned amidst the current international situation.

The promotion of peace, solidarity, social justice and sustainable development constitutes the only way to secure the future, read the document.

The message, read by Machado Ventura, stressed Cuba’s support of the cause of the Palestinian people and their inalienable right to self-determination in an independent state, with eastern Jerusalem as its capital city.
Cuba firmly backs the legitimate right of Puerto Rico to independence and the claim by Argentina of its sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands (The Falklands), read the message.

Cuba opposes the unsustainable production and consumption models of developed societies, which are progressively being transferred to South nations, the document points out and adds that the island favors a new world order in the fields of information and communications, in which history is no longer written or interpreted from the perspective of those powerful ones, or where the most irrational consumerism is not promoted.

Cuba also insists in the necessity to deeply transform the United Nations and democratize the Security Council, so that it represents all nations.

The message makes it clear that Cuba will keep firm in its defense of the achievements of the Cuban people and the improvement of its social system, without any foreign impositions.  

The Non-Aligned Movement is more necessary now than ever before. Challenges are big, but our determination must overcome, the message read. (Radio Cadena Agramonte)