Venezuela will Receive Brazilian Aircraft to Strengthen Aviation

Venezuela will Receive Brazilian Aircraft to Strengthen AviationCaracas, Aug 2.- Venezuela expects to receive at the end of 2012 the first three of six aircraft engaged to the Brazilian company Embraer, to strengthen Venezuelan aviation, as promoted by the government to accommodate the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), reported today.

The acquisition of the aircraft will run from a contract signed by Embraer and the Venezuelan state airline Conviasa during a bilateral meeting between President Hugo Chavez said, with the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff last Tuesday.

The new commercial aircraft Embraer E-190 will allow Conviasa recover routes that had been lost by the privatization of the former Viasa.

The Minister of Water Transport and Aviation, Elsa Gutierrez Graffe, explained that with the arrival of the first aircraft initially cover regional routes of the country.

She added that the planes ERJ190AR acquired by Conviasa, have a flight range of 4, 074 kilometers (five hours of nonstop flight), with a maximum height of 41,000 feet.

The commercial aircraft is capable of carriying 104 passengers in one seating configuration.

The Venezuelan president said yesterday that the strengthening of aviation is one of the measures that the government begin to adapt to MERCOSUR, aimed at strengthening the integration of the South American region. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).