Cuba Issues Yellow PagesTelephone Directory for Private Owners

Havana, May 31. – More than 500 private workers have contracted ads in the yellow pages of the telephone directory of the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA), the first time this service is available in 50 years, official sources said today.

At least 233 registrations were made and 286 publicity contracts were signed countrywide in only 13 days last year, Head of ETECSA Telephone Directory Group Patricia Soler told Prensa Latina.

Some people showed their interest, but they failed to contract the service because of doubts about this new service in 50 years, commented Soler, comparing the number of contracts with the more than 340,000 private workers in December, when the call was made.

On this occasion, the directory made a distinction between state-run businesses and private workers (self-employed), a situation expected to change in the directory for 2013, she said.

Soler announced that the campaign to contract spaces or register for the directory for next year will run June 15-October 12.

Asked about registration and ad fees, she said that those interested in register are required to sign a contract with ETECSA first, paying 10 Cuban convertible pesos CUC (one CUC equals 0.90 USD).

In the case of Havana, the advertiser (ETECSA) would spend 0.004 CUC for each of the 225,000 copies given to fixed telephone owners (one million nationwide).

For those interested in advertising their products there are some 90 different tariffs ranging from 24 CUC to 1,300 CUC.

The beneficiaries must present their legal papers as self-employed and in case they are not the owners of the telephone they want to give in the ads they must present a consent letter from the owner.

Soler announced that a Yellow Pages website is also under construction.(Prensa Latina)