New Pilots´ Strike Against Spanish Airline Iberia

Madrid, Jan 9. -Pilots of the Spanish air carrier IBERIA Airlines on Monday began the first of two days of strikes scheduled for this week, to reject the company plans to create a low-cost subsidiary.The strike, to be repeated on Wednesday, joins others staged by pilots on December 18 and 29, which then forced the largest aviation company of this European country to suspend over 200 operations.

For these two new days of protests, Iberia will also cancel over 200 flights, affecting about 23,000 passengers, although most of them have been relocated by the company.

According to a list released by the company, of the total number of cancellations, 19 are long-distance routes that connect Madrid to Miami, Bogota, Lima, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Mexico.

Another 84 are for flights between the Madrid and Barcelona.

Also affected are national flights to Sevilla, Jerez, Malaga, Granada, Alicante, Bilbao, A Coruña, Asturias, Santiago de Compostela, and Vigo.

International medium-haul flights to Lisbon, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Milan, Venice, Tel Aviv, Moscow, Rome, Istanbul, Athens, and Casablanca will also be interrupted. (Prensa Latina)