Sopa de Piedra play to be presented in Caibarien by Santa Cruz del Sur born people

The play Sopa de Piedra(stonesoup), represented by members of the National Association for the Blind (ANCI) from Santa Cruz del Sur, will be on stage again in Villa Clara, after being awarded in Provincial Theatre Festival, in Camagüey.Nelson Nápoles Francés and Georgina Chávez Díaz, play the referred story. The version made of a check short story transmits values like solidarity, generosity and humanism with its message.

When an outsider arrives to a certain town, the only thing he gets is rejection and selfish answers. The foreigner collected some firewood and started to boil a stone in front  of many people…The fire started to favour the cooking of the” delicious” food. And all those who did not help and offer food to the man began to interest in what he was doing, and provided him with spices, meat, eggs, and noodles. It was the curiosity of misers which gave way to so much generosity.

President of the ANCI I Southern Camaguey and special technician of Mártires de Pino Tres Library will play this role from November 24th to 27th in Caibarien, Villa Clara, and of course they wont put a stone in the soup there…we assure this play will not be forgotten. (Iliana Pérez Lara/ Radio Santa Cruz)