UN Calls for Medicine, Quality Treatment for Diabetic Patients

UN Calls for Medicine, Quality Treatment for Diabetic PatientsUnited Nations, Nov 14. – On the occasion of World Diabetes Day on Monday, the United Nations called to facilitate medicine and quality treatment for people with that disease, particularly children and adolescents.

Four years ago, the UN agreed to celebrate World Diabetes Day to raise awareness on the disease. Today, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stressed the need to provide medicine and treatment for the 227 million diabetic patients in underdeveloped countries.

That disease frequently attacks the poorest, causing strokes, blindness, amputations, renal failures, and even premature death, he warned.

He called for pharmaceutical companies to supply needy people with the basic medicine to treat diabetes.

Two months ago, Ban recalled, the UN held a top-level meeting on the prevention and control of preventable diseases, and approved a political declaration demanding greater efforts for diabetic patients to have access to medicine and quality treatment by 2013.(Prensa Latina)