C.A. Mothers Investigate in Mexico about Missing Family Members

Mexico, Nov 8. -Central American mothers whose sons and daughters went missing while going through Mexico to the United States are scheduled to meet Tuesday with the Mexican social attorney for attention to victims, Irene Herrerías.The group, made up of 33 mothers from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica, are expected to denounce the systematic violation of immigrants' rights.

They will also demand the fulfillment of the promises made to previous caravans on the investigation of their relatives' whereabouts.

On Tuesday, the group of mothers are expected to arrive at the Basilica of Guadalupe, where an indigenous ceremony will take place to pay tribute to the missing or dead people that were trying to reach the US-Mexican border.

During its tour following thepath of the immigrants, the caravan denounces the permanent attacks of criminal groups or authorities in connivance with organized crime.

These women are claiming the end of impunity, complicity and direct participation of public officials in kidnapping and violent disappearance cases.

The caravan is intended to tour 9 Mexican states until November 13, and then return to Guatemala. (Prensa Latina)