Camilo lives and will live inside every cuban

The unforgettable figure of Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán will be recalled once again today when the scent of the flowers flood the seas, rivers, and lakes of Cuba.Every October 28th the Cuban people recall a new anniversary of his physical disappearance. And in Santa Cruz del Sur, the tribute spreads all over the local geography, in the country side, people place their flowers in rivers and lakes, while in Santa Cruz; people go to the coastal area.

The Hero of Yaguajay was born on February 6th 1932 in Lawton District, in Havana. In 1940 he became a member of the San Alejandro National Fine Arts Academy, but he had to quit studies for economic motives. At the age of 21, Camilo travelled to The United States searching for better economic conditions for his family.

In that country, he was put under arrest and deported to Cuba, and so he incorporated to the student’s struggles. These actions made him to be exiled to New York, where he joined the revolutionary opposition.

Once in the United States, he was told about the preparations Fidel Castro was making, and after being sent to México by the migration authorities he showed interest to sail in the Granma expedition.

And that is how the “Man of the Vanguard” came back to Cuba. He had several responsibilities during the war and on April 16th 1958 he was promoted to Commander and Chief of Column 2 Antonio Maceo. After the triumph of the revolution he was named Chief of the Major State of the Rebel Army.

On October 28th 1959 when he was heading back to Havana, after neutralizing a counter revolutionary conspiracy in Camaguey, the light aircraft where he was travelling on vanished in the sea and disappear without leaving any trace.

In that date and as a tribute to his memory, the Cuban people place flowers in seas, rivers, and lakes. As Fidel said once, men like Camilo Cienfuegos emerged from the people and lived for the people. ”. (Yanayma Rodríguez Molina / Radio Santa Cruz)