Chileans Champion Tax Reform

Santiago, Oct 12. -The proposal of a tax reform in Chile as a financial source to support free education got its strength back at the Chilean legislative scene, currently discussing the 2012 Budget.Parliamentarians´ representing the Concert of Parties for Democracy stated they will not approve the tax project presented by the government if an important change on taxation is not carried out.

According to the Senate President and Representative of the Party for Democracy, Guido Girardi, such reform is the only option to fulfill the citizens´ requests on education.

The need of a tax reform goes beyond the inequality of the education system, noted Chilean lawyer and academic, Carlos Arrue. The final purpose aims at achieving a better redistribution of resources and making Chile a less unequal country, Arrue said.

Meanwhile, the government has already expressed its disagreement with the proposal at least for the moment. (Prensa Latina)