US Protests for Strategy Against Conservatives

Washington, Oct 4. -Promoters of an initiative to organize protests against conservative currents are still deliberating in United States.Activists of different tendencies gathered together at the Washington Hilton hotel exchange ideas until Wednesday to launch the progressive movement and its strategies for 2012 elections.

Apparently, the currents that were born in the Middle East and reached Spain will take roots and threaten to take all over the US territory after nearly three weeks after it started in New York City headquarters of the world finances represented in Wall Street.

Daniel Lopez, resident in Los Angeles, California, said the trigger of this movement was the excessive power of the big corporations, that in his opinion control almost all the world's wealth.

We need to be together until obtaining our final goals, said Lopez, one among all the US citizens that joined demonstrations in Philadelphia, Seattle, Chicago and Boston in the last few days.

In addition, the environmentalist and former official of the White House Van Jones , who is also attending the meeting in this capital, told the media in advance that they are trying to make up a strategy and a project to stop the advance of conservative ideas in the country.

Jones emphasized that different political tendencies will join the group aimed at taking back positions damaged by ideological currents in groups like the neo-conservative Tea party group. (Prensa Latina)