Political Foundations Denounced Againt the Case on One of the Cuban

Havana, Oct 2. -Rene Gonzalez, one of the Cuban Five antiterrorist fighters held in the United States, and his family, are dearly paying for the political foundations against his case, asserted his brother Roberto Gonzalez, member of the legal team defending this cause.

"The actions that do not favor the defendants but harm them, which go against habits, all normal things, and against generalizations, are obviously political actions, not legal," said Gonzalez in an interview published today in Juventud Rebelde.

Gerardo Hernandez, Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez, are serving excessive sentences for informing the terrorist plans against their country of anticuban groups based in the United States.

Rene Gonzalez will be released next October 7 after he had served his sentence in prison, but he should complete three years under supervised release in the United States. He has been all these years with no access to see his wife because he had exercised his right to defend himself, which is a constitutional right, Roberto Gonzalez remarked.

He referred that Gonzalez' sentence should have never been 15 years of imprisonment.

Rene Gonzalez agreed with the Cuban government to be an agent of the Cuban State, but he didn't tell the General Attorney, he said, and that is his crime: not telling the General Attorney.

"But if he would have told him, he would be able to discover none of the actions against Cuba because he would have been trying to discover actions carried out by protected and supported agents of the General Attorney, he asserted.

For the crime to be an agent, he explained, you can sentence a person to 10 years in prison; for the crime of conspiracy, to five years, or that at the same time you are an agent you have already conspired, because conspirative crime is to agree with someone, and once you decided to be someone's agent, you are already in agreement. So conspiracy crime is inside agent crime, both are considered as one.

He should have been condemned, in case of maximum sentence, (because there is also the posibility of minor sentence, and even a fine), to 10 years in prison, he said.

In jail regulations there are 52 days of freedom benefit in every year that goes by with good conduct, he explained, that is why Rene Gonzalez is released 13 years and a month after.

Judge Joan Lenard, from the District of south Florida, had recently rejected the motion presented by Rene Gonzalez where he asked for permition to travel to Cuba and live here, instead of being in the American territory during his supervised release, he reminded.

For Roberto Gonzalez, it is not limited to a territory; it would have been if he were homeless, if he had no other choice.

We cannot say for sure there could be persons thinking to do any harm to Rene, but danger is a real possibility, he alerted.

The motion, as the judge herself wrote, is not definite and as well its argumentation to deny Rene his return to Cuba, it is the fact is considered an untimely petition, he added.

In respect to how his brother will assume this new period, Roberto Gonzalez expressed that the main thing is to do all in need for the rest of the Cuban Five, be useful.

The main principle in Rene's life is to be useful, it is the education he had received, he asserted. (Prensa Latina)