Bolivia: Natural Gas Sales Enjoy a Boom

La Paz, Oct 2. -Bolivian sales of natural gas to Brazil and Argentine added up to 2.399 billion dollars until last August, emphasized an official report.The National Institute of statistics (NIS) reported that so far sales of fuel to two main foreign markets registered 32.84 percent of growth, compared to equal period of 2010.

The fuel delivery to Brazil in eight months added up to 1.824 billion dollars and to Argentine 575 millions.

As a whole, exports of hydrocarbon made up of natural gas and other liquid fuels registered 1.546 billion dollars from January to last August.

The figure represents 33.29 percent growth in relation to 2010 that was of 1.910 billion dollars.

The statistics showed that hydrocarbon production remain the most worthy economic activity in Bolivian exports with 43.7 percent followed by mining and the manufacturing industry. (Prensa Latina)