Italian Curator Happy to Exhibit Caravaggio in Cuba

Havana, Sep 21. -Italian curator Rosella Vodret, Director of the Polo Museale and Heritage in Rome, declared to be happy to exhibit, for the first time in Cuba, "Narcissus"(1599-1600) painted by Michelangelo Caravaggio. "We wanted to bring this Caravaggio painting, and others from the first and second generation, since he is our best ambassador of the Italian art, the most powerful and loved", declared Rosella in exclusive for Prensa Latina.

She declared that Caravaggio´s work is requested all over the world to be exhibited. He has become the most requested Italian painter; more than Miguel Angel and Rafael.

Narcissus and other 12 paintings of Caravaggio´s followers arrive to Cuba on Sunday; and will be in exhibition from September 23 to November 27 at the Universal Arts building of the National Museum of Fine Arts.

The paintings will come back to Italy on November; and will be exhibited in Argentina and Brazil in 2012.

Rosella Vodret hopes the cultural exchange between both countries endures and be able to exhibit the Cuban art at the Italian museums. (Prensa latina)