Increase of National Tourism to Varadero Beach Resort

Increase of National Tourism to Varadero Beach ResortVaradero, Cuba, Jul 19.- Over a quarter of the tourists lodged in hotels at Varadero Beach Resort on any given day this summer are national vacationers, placing them second behind Canada in the number of visitors to the world famous beach. According to website, the head of the commercial and communications office of the Tourism Ministry in Matanzas province, Velio Barrero said that there as been an increase not foreseen of Cuban clients during the months of July and August.

He added that the arrival of Cuban nationals to Varadero, mainly from Havana and the central region of the country are in compliance with the objective of developing national tourism with special offers that allow them to take advantage of the hotels and other tourist, recreational and historic attractions.

The number is expected to increase this year which constitutes a challenge for the sector´s workers to improve the quality of its services and become more efficient.

Vilio added that among other actions to take in face of an increase of national tourism is the maintenance of installations of a sector of Varadero as well as economic offers for the Cuban family.

Varadero has 35 percent of the country´s hotel installations. (acn).