Cuban Movies on Venezuelan TV

Cuban Movies on Venezuelan TVCaracas, Jan 5 .-The Cuban film "Fresa y Chocolate" (Strawberry and Chocolate) will be transmitted by Venezuelan public TV as part of a cycle of Cuban films, celebrating the 52nd anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

The season started on January 1st and will run until the 4th to pay homage to prestigious Cuban filmmaker and director Tomas Gutierrez Alea (Titon), who directed nearly 20 films and received more than 45 awards.

"Fresa y Chocolate" was one of the most renowned films inside and outside Cuba, a winner of many awards, such as the Silver Bear in Berlin, a Goya, eight awards in the Latin American Movie Festival in Cuba, and others.

Other films such as "Memorias del Subdesarollo", "La Muerte de un Burocrata" and other films by Gutierrez Alea have been transmitted.

Venezuelan fans of Cuban films have had the chance to watch other works like "El Premio Flaco" by Juan Carlos Cremata, and "Habana Blues" by Benito Zambrano. (Prensa Latina)