Havana Festival Screens Experimental Films

Havana Festival Screens Experimental FilmsHavana, Nov. 26. -Under the new category of Vanguard, experimental movies will be part of the 32nd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, to be held in Havana Dec. 2-12.

Festival director Ivan Giroud told reporters that the festival needed to show films outside the usual Latin American tendencies, in an area much more experimental and provocative, hard to understand for the general audience, and outside the canons of the competition.

Progress was registered in 2009 in the category called Latin America in Perspective, but to a lesser extent, and the idea is to create a prize for those films, Giroud said.

Now, the films taking part in this cateogry:

-Detrás del muro (Argentina)

-La matanza argentina (Argentina)

-Las instancias del vértigo (Argentina)

-Los jóvenes muertos (Argentina)

-Spiderman (Argentina)

-Na trilha do bonde (Brazil)

-Humanimal (Chile)

-Mitómana (Chile)

-Noticias (Chile)

-Tres semanas después (Chile)

-Nos quedamos (Cuba)

-Piensa en mí (Ecuador-United States)

-Música para un film perdido (Great Britain-Venezuela-Argentina)

-Todo, en fin, el silencio lo ocupaba (Mexico-Canada)

-Hill Street (Mexico-United States)

-El calambre (Mexico-France)

-Novena (Paraguay-Holland)

-Reminiscencias (Peru)  (Prensa Latina)