LatAm Presidents to Meet in Bolivian Summit

LatAm Presidents to Meet in Bolivian SummitCochabamba, Bolivia, Apr 14. -Bolivian President Evo Morales confirmed on Wednesday in this city that presidents of Nicaragua and Venezuela, Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez, respectively, will attend the First World People's Conference on Climate Change.

Morales told the media that respective Presidents of Ecuador and Paraguay, Rafael Correa and Fernando Lugo will also participate in that meeting, which will be held from April 20-22 in Tiquipaya locality, 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from Cochabamba.

After visiting the buildings that have been prepared to welcome almost 1,000 foreign delegates that will represent the five continents, Morales announced that vicepresidents of several Latin American countries will also attend the meeting.

The Bolivian president also assessed as very positive the preparations for this summit, in which the delegates will debate, on 17 working tables the same number of subjects in defense of Mother Earth's rights.

He recalled that Bolivia's proposal to that forum was agreed in a previous meeting by social organizations and the indigenous people.

Holding a world referendum about how to face up to the negative impact of development on the environment and creation of an International Court of Climatic Justice, where the governments and companies that act against life on earth are tried, are outstanding among the initiatives that will be presented in the summit.

Morales convened to this World People's Conference after the UN Summit held in Copenhagen in December, 2009, failed.(Prensa Latina)

The summit's closing activity will be celebrating Mother Earth's Day at the Felix Capriles stadium in Cochabamba on April 22, another of Morales' initiatives supported by the 192 UN member nations.

The conclusions of the forum will be presented in that people's rally and sent later to the UN meeting on those issues in December in Cancun, Mexico.