Book on Bacardi’s war against Cuba to be republished

Paris, Jan 17.- An updated edition of the book ‘Bacardi: The Hidden War,’ by Colombian writer and researcher Hernando Calvo Ospina, will be launched soon in Cuba, as the author explained to Prensa Latina this Thursday.


The original text dates back to 2000 and at its time had an important media impact, and was translated into several languages, while three documentaries were made based on the information disclosed in it.

Calvo Ospina, resident in Paris for many years, details the relations of the Bacardi transnational rum company with the US government to destabilize the Cuban Revolution, as well as its support for arranging terrorist attacks and assassination plots against Cuban leaders.

For the new edition, the author reviewed its work and added new information, without modifying the fundamental data of the denunciation that twenty years later remains valid, as US President Donald Trump is not only burning all bridges with Cuba but has tightened the blockade. (Prensa Latina)