Nearly 40,000 Cuban Youth Study Medicine

Havana, Sep 21. -Cuba currently has 13 medical schools with an enrollment of about 40,000, reflecting its strategy to train human resources for the national health system.About 5,613 Cuban students began medical school this year, for a total of 40,000 young people in the six-year program.

In addition to the 13 medical schools, medical students are also enrolled in three independent faculties located in the provinces of Artemisa and Mayabeque, and the special municipality of the Isle of Youth, Granma newspaper reported. Also including are 40,000 professors using modern information and communication technology in an extensive network of polyclinics and hospitals, according to Granma newspaper.

As part of the national health care strategy, medical technical studies include specialties such as clinical bioanalysis, hygiene and epidemiology, imaging and medical radiophysicics, speech and hearing disorders, nutrition, optics and optometry, health rehabilitation, and health information systems. (Prensa Latina)