Exhibition of decorative art in Southern Camagüey Museum

Exhibition of decorative art in Southern Camagüey Museum Santa Cruz del Sur, May 26. –Santa Cruz del Sur Museum, a place of culture and history, has many expositions of decorative art. Many members of the staff are educators of the current generations, holders of great knowledge and guardian of the objects and documents of this place.

The display cabinets show the people Cuban and Asian art. Behind the neat and tidy glass there is a set of blue jam pot and some fine Japanese porcelain pieces for serving tea.

There is also a group of decanters, surrounded by glasses and other indispensable elements, used in the late 19th century by the Camagüeyan bourgeoisie. A dinner service of a great artistic value adorns its presence with a sauceboat and two dishes, of different features each.

In the exposition of the month, held this time in the lobby of the Najasa Movie Theatre, and dedicated to the 103 anniversary of the Local Concert Band, there is a graduation diploma of the local academy, scores, music books, pieces of the baton used by the Master Ángel Álvarez and parts of an uniform, similar to those worn by the current members of the band.
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